Trent Reznor gives update on “collaborative” Nine Inch Nails album: “It’s not imminent”

Scott Dudelson/WireImageLate last year, Trent Reznor told Revolver that the next Nine Inch Nails album will center on the idea of “collaboration.” Speaking in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Reznor cautions that you shouldn’t hold your breath for that album to arrive.

“I kind of blurted that out without thinking deeply through,” Reznor explains. “We aren’t far along in the process.”

Currently, Reznor and his band mate Atticus Ross are spending “every single day trying to dig ourselves out of the scoring hole that we got ourselves into,” including writing music for the upcoming Pixar film, Soul.

“There’s been some things done, but it’s not imminent,” he says of the prospective NIN album. “Nothing is about to come out.”

Reznor adds that he may do some touring before any new music arrives.  “We might put some little bits out,” he says. “We’re not sure yet.”

In addition to the possible new album and touring, Nine Inch Nails will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. The induction ceremony takes place May 2 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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