Josh Rand: “I don’t know when there will be new Stone Sour music”

Courtesy of Roadrunner RecordsToday, Stone Sour dropped a new live album, Hello, You Bastards: Live in Reno, but they haven’t released a studio record since 2017’s Hydrograd.  And as guitarist Josh Rand tells Guitar World, it may be a while before another studio effort arrives.

“To be honest, the band is on hiatus right now with no timetable on a return,” Rand explains. “It’s a mixture of needing a break, plus [frontman] Corey [Taylor] wants to do a solo album, so I don’t know when there will be new Stone Sour music.”

Rand adds that he’s “started writing things,” but he’s not sure what will come of them.

“I haven’t really thought about it because I’ve been working on this live release, plus we have some exciting stuff getting announced next year which I can’t say yet,” Rand says.

He adds, “But as far as a proper Stone Sour record, I genuinely have no idea when that will happen.”

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