Megadeth’s new album will be “heavy as hell,” according to Dave Mustaine’s son

Credit: Jeremy SafferMegadeth has been working on a new album, which will apparently feature a song that’s “heavy as hell” — if frontman Dave Mustaine‘s son is to be believed.

As Mustaine tells Kerrang!, the thrash icons were working on a track tentatively titled “The Dogs of Chernobyl” when his 27-year-old son Justis stopped by the studio.

“The song comes in super powerful and strong,” Mustaine remembers. “And my son goes ‘Oh God, that’s heavy as hell!’ And I just started laughing.”

Mustaine feels that the new album will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, 2016’s Dystopia.

“We’re trying to keep with that real heavy thing,” Mustaine says. “Dystopia was more of us doing what makes us feel good; there’s a lot of super heavy, fast drumming at the end of some songs.”

Megadeth expect to release new music sometime this year. While you wait for that to arrive, you can pick up the band’s forthcoming best-of collection Warheads on Foreheads, due out March 22.

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