Watch Foo Fighters try to get kid drummer to leave the stage during Nashville show

Credit: Brantley GutierrezFollowing KISS Guy’s guitar heroics and even John Travolta, Foo Fighters may have found their most endearing live guest: a kid drummer who refuses to leave the stage.

During the Foos’ show in Nashville last week, Dave Grohl invited a leather jacket-clad kid he dubbed “Little Fonzie” on stage to play drums. Little Fonzie delighted Grohl and the crowd his drumming skills…but then he kept playing. And playing.

After about three full drum solos, Grohl said, “Hey Little Fonzie, can I have my concert back?” Finally, Little Fonzie’s dad intervened, and led him from behind the kit. Still not satisfied, though, the kid stopped by the edge of the stage to talk to Grohl. The two had a quick conversation before Grohl finally said, “Hey, do you wanna Coke?” and then pointed to the side of the stage. And thus, Little Fonzie’s performance finally came to a close.

You can watch fan-shot footage of the Legend of Little Fonzie now on YouTube.

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