On “M A N I A,” Fall Out Boy continue their tradition of getting “a little bit weirder”

Pamela LittkyFall Out Boy’s new album M A N I A is finally here and it’s pretty eclectic, as you may have noticed based on the handful of tracks the band released ahead of time.  But according to singer Patrick Stump, that’s just part of “what we do here in Fall Out Boy.”

Stump acknowledges that the album is “very all over the place,” from the EDM of “Young and Menace” to the tropical feel of “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T” to the pop/punk energy of “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).”  But, as he tells ABC Radio, “If I look at the way we started, it’s been a very gradual thing, where we’ve pushed and pushed and pushed every record, and gotten a little bit weirder and a little bit further into uncharted territory.”

By way of example, Stump notes, “I’ve had some people say, ‘This record’s so different from your last one.’ And I’m like, ‘Really?’ I mean, the last album was so different than the one before that, which was so different than the one before that.”

“So I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of the thing. That’s kind of what we do here at Fall Out Boy!” he laughs.

FOB will support M A N I A with a major tour, which will include the band’s first-ever show at Wrigley Field, in their Chicago hometown.  That show won’t take place until September 8, but Stump says they’re already thinking about how they’re going to make it extra special.

“You know, I don’t tend to think too much about like set lists and things like that. Usually I’m very laid-back about that,” he tells ABC Radio. “But this one I think we’re gonna be planning for a long time.”

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