New Angels & Airwaves album “in the works,” says Tom DeLonge

Credit: Johnny BuzzerioAre you ready for new Angels & Airwaves? Tom DeLonge has announced that a new album from the band is “in the works.”

The last full-length album for Angels & Airwaves, The Dream Walker, was released in 2014. Last year, the band shared a four-song EP titled Chasing Shadows, which accompanied DeLonge’s UFO book, Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows.

Along with the upcoming album, Angels & Airwaves will also be recording original music for an upcoming sci-fi film directed by DeLonge.

Meanwhile, DeLonge’s former band, Blink-182, is currently touring the U.S. in continued support of their new album, California, their first without DeLonge.

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