Matt Skiba apologizes to Blink-182 fans who tried to attend Fyre Festival

ABC/Paula LoboBefore social media was flooded with reports that the so-called “luxury” Fyre Festival was falling apart, Blink-182 officially cancelled their headlining set at the event, saying that they were “not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans.”

Now, guitarist Matt Skiba has apologized to the fans who tried to attend the doomed festival to see the punk trio perform.

“The Blink fans that came down [to the Bahamas], I’m so sorry,” Skiba tells TMZ. “We have a job ’cause you guys come out and listen to our band.”

Skiba adds that Blink didn’t know anything specific about the festival’s collapse, but they dropped out because “we were getting the feeling that it didn’t have enough of our stage that we needed to put on the show that we have.”

“We’re on a tour right now, we have production we bring with us,” says Skiba. “And they weren’t able to facilitate the show that we wanted to put on, so we just were like, ‘We can’t play the show.'”

“It was a relief to be home, but also, I felt guilty,” he adds. “I’m like, ‘There’s people down there drinking warm vodka and [eating] bologna sandwiches in a mud pit.’ I’m sorry!”

The two-weekend Fyre Festival, which was co-founded by rapper Ja Rule, promised ticket-holders a “once-in-a-lifetime musical experience” in the Bahamas, but descended into chaos as festival-goers arrived to find barely-livable conditions, dwindling supplies of food and other indications of poor planning.

The event was postponed, and fans were promised full refunds. Organizers hope to try again next year.

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