Fall Out Boy’s single “Young and Menace” represents the “wildest part” of new album, “Mania”

Island Records/DCD2 RecordsWhen Fall Out Boy announced the details of their new album Mania last week, they also released the new track “Young and Menace,” which boasts an EDM beat and odd vocal effects. According to bassist Pete Wentz, “Young and Menace” represents the “furthest left” and “wildest part” of Mania.

“The song will make sense on the album,” Wentz tells NME. “We’ve updated the software since the last album [2015’s American Beauty/American Psycho], so I think [Mania] will sound different to people.”

Wentz adds that Mania is not actually finished yet — “We’re about halfway done,” he says — but he feels that what they’ve recorded so far feels not necessarily political, but like “a reaction to the climate of people.”

“We’re clearly in a populist era, right now, but it’s interesting because we have more access to getting people’s attention, with the Internet and everything,” Wentz says. “It’s really strange to watch.”

“You could react two ways: you can pander to it and give people something that’s slick and perfect and what they’d expect, or you can do something that’s a left turn.”

“As long as it’s authentic and interesting,” he adds. “Like Lorde, with ‘Green Light.’ That song is weird to me, but it’s definitely her and I like it. That’s the feel that Mania has.”

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