Avenged Sevenfold combines religious imagery and artificial intelligence with “God D***” and “The Stage”

Credit: Jeff ForneyLast week, Avenged Sevenfold released the video for their single “God D**n,” one of several songs on their new album The Stage that combines religious imagery with themes of artificial intelligence.

“We’re all kind of consumed with ourselves and our ego and our religions and our nationalities, but really above it all is where the answers are,” frontman M. Shadows tells ABC Radio of the message behind “God D**n.” “As a human race, there’s much bigger questions than how much we’re gonna fight with each other.”

Shadows adds that he feels the track is “a poignant way of saying, ‘It’s all damned.'”

“We don’t care what you believe in, there’s bigger questions and things that are gonna happen to this world, regardless of what you believe,” he says.

Shadows himself is not a religious person, although Avenged Sevenfold has previously dabbled in Biblical imagery with their music. However, he feels that The Stage, specifically the songs “God D**n,” “Creating God” and “Angels,” approach the subject in a different way than the band has before.

“These three songs in particular, they really are much more based in a realistic — in my mind, anyways — point of view,” says Shadows.

“Creating God,” for example, explores the possibility of artificial intelligence one day surpassing human intelligence.

“If you compare us to apes or compare us to ants, we would be considered their god, ’cause we’re so much smarter,” Shadows explains. “We can turn doorknobs, we can do all these things that they can’t do.”

“So what do we do when the artificial intelligence can do things that we can’t do and we can’t even comprehend what it’s telling us?” he continues. “Well, that would eventually be considered our god, and we could well be the ones that create it.”

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